Franklin’s Lesson on the Value of Time – बेंजामिन फ्रेंकलिन और समय की कीमत

benjamin franklinबेंजामिन फ्रेंकलिन की किताबों की दुकान थी. एक दिन उनकी दुकान पर एक ग्राहक आया. कुछ किताबें देखने के बाद उसने दुकान के एक कर्मचारी से पूछा – “इस किताब की कीमत क्या है?”

कर्मचारी ने कहा – “एक डॉलर”.

ग्राहक ने कहा – “यह तो ज्यादा है. कुछ कम नहीं हो सकता क्या?”

कर्मचारी ने स्पष्ट कहा – “नहीं”.

ग्राहक ने कहा – “क्या बेन फ्रेंकलिन यहाँ हैं? मैं उनसे मिलना चाहता हूँ”.

वे अभी आने वाले हैं” – कर्मचारी ने कहा.

फ्रेंकलिन के आने के बाद ग्राहक ने उनसे पूछा – “इस किताब की कम-से-कम कीमत क्या होगी?”

फ्रेंकलिन ने कहा – “सवा डॉलर”.

ग्राहक ने आश्चर्य से कहा – “लेकिन आपकी दुकान के कर्मचारी ने तो इसकी कीमत एक डॉलर बताई है!”

“उसने ठीक बताया है. चौथाई डॉलर मेरे समय की कीमत है”.

ग्राहक ने आग्रह किया – “ठीक है. अब आप इसकी सही कीमत बता दीजिये”.

“अब डेढ़ डॉलर. आप लेने में जितनी देर करते जायेंगे, समय का मूल्य भी इसमें जुड़ता जायेगा”.

ग्राहक के पास अब कोई रास्ता न था. एक डॉलर के बदले डेढ़ डॉलर देकर उसने वह किताब खरीद ली. किताब के साथ ही उसे समय का मूल्य भी ज्ञात हो गया.

समय के महत्त्व को जानने वाले यही बेंजामिन फ्रेंकलिन अमेरिका के महान वैज्ञानिक, राजनीतिज्ञ और चिन्तक बने.

(A motivational / inspiring anecdote of Benjamin Franklin – value of time – in Hindi)

This story from the life of Benjamin Franklin is a great reminder and perhaps even motivator for us to always place a value on our time, even if only to charge ourselves. Franklin not only understood the value of time, but he put a price upon it that made others appreciate its worth.

A customer who came one day to his little bookstore in Philadelphia, not being satisfied with the price demanded by the clerk for the book he desired, asked for the owner. “Mr. Franklin is very busy just now in the press room,” replied the clerk. The potential customer, however, who had already spent an hour aimlessly turning over books, insisted on seeing him. In answer to the clerk’s summons, Mr. Franklin hurried out from the newspaper office in the back of the store.

“What is the lowest price you can take for this book, sir?” asked the leisurely customer, holding up the volume. “A dollar and a quarter,” was the prompt reply. “A dollar and a quarter! Why, your clerk offered it to me for only a dollar just now.” “True,” said Franklin, “and I could have afforded to take a dollar before having to leave my work.”

The man, who seemed to be in doubt as to whether Mr. Franklin was in serious, said jokingly, “Well, come now, tell me your lowest price for this book.” “A dollar and a half,” was the grave reply. “A dollar and a half! Why, you just offered it for a dollar and a quarter.” “Yes, and I could have taken that price then, but I need a dollar and a half now.”

Without another word, the purchaser, disappointed with his attempt, laid the money on the counter and left the store. He had learned not only that he who squanders his own time is foolish, but that he who wastes the time of others is a thief.

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