अंधी लड़की की कहानी

एक लडकी जन्म से नेत्रहीन थी और इस कारण वह स्वयं से नफरत करती थी। वह किसी को भी पसंद नहीं करती थी, सिवाय एक लड़के के जो उसका दोस्त था। वह उससे बहुत प्यार करता था और उसकी हर तरह से देखभाल करता था। एक दिन लड़की ने लड़के से कहा – “यदि मैं कभी यह दुनिया देखने लायक हुई तो मैं तुमसे शादी कर लूंगी”।

एक दिन किसी ने उस लड़की को अपने नेत्र दान कर दिए। जब लड़की की आंखों से पट्टियाँ उतारी गयीं तो वह सब कुछ देख सकती थी। उसने लड़के को भी देखा।

लड़के ने उससे पूछा – “अब तुम सब कुछ देख सकती हो, क्या तुम मुझसे शादी करोगी?”लड़की को यह देखकर सदमा पहुँचा की लड़का अँधा था। लड़की को इस बात की उम्मीद नहीं थी। उसने सोचा कि उसे ज़िन्दगी भर एक अंधे लड़के के साथ रहना पड़ेगा, और उसने शादी करने से इंकार कर दिया।

लड़का अपनी आँखों में आंसू लिए वहां से चला गया। कुछ दिन बाद उसने लड़की को एक पत्र लिखा:

“मेरी प्यारी, अपनी आँखों को बहुत संभाल कर रखना, क्योंकि वे मेरी ऑंखें हैं”।

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    1. shailendra

      निशांत जी..मैं बहुत पहले से वर्डप्रेस पर लिखना चाह रहा था..ये आईडिया पेंडिंग था ..सो सोचा कि इसे यहीं शुरू किया जाये…आपको पसंद आया ..जानकर अच्छा लगा…साथ एवं स्नेह बनाये रखें….आपकी इस कहानी को आज ही पढा ..खूब लिखा है..प्रभावित करने वाली …

      पसंद करें

  1. ajayjha

    निशांत जी..मैं बहुत पहले से वर्डप्रेस पर लिखना चाह रहा था..ये आईडिया पेंडिंग था ..सो सोचा कि इसे यहीं शुरू किया जाये…आपको पसंद आया ..जानकर अच्छा लगा…साथ एवं स्नेह बनाये रखें….आपकी इस कहानी को आज ही पढा ..खूब लिखा है..प्रभावित करने वाली …

    पसंद करें

  2. girlsguidetosurvival

    Good intentions poor logic.

    It is very doubtful any surgeon would harvest both cornea from a live person other than in extreme circumstances where the life of the person is endangered or corenea is malignant and impeding quality of life.

    I am amazed how some readers have twisted this whole story into meanness of one gender and there by deflecting the attention from the issue at hand if such organ harvesting is ethical and possible.

    I guess you and the readers are aware of gender disparity in organ donation in India. There are reports where marriages are arranged only on the basis of kedney donation from bride to the groom in leiu of dowry. More men, than women are recipients, and women are less likely to complete the necessary steps to receive donated organs because they are cost intensive and women are considered dispensible by families and societies.





    Desi Girl

    पसंद करें

    1. Gouri

      Hi Desi, Pardesi or Whatever Girl!

      Good that you got the intention of the post clear. [You’d have raised a war otherwise :-)]

      However, it seems you failed to understand the depth of the post. It’s on love and not on organ donation. All that the post intends to convey is: Love without expecting anything in return.

      Your comment sounds self contradictory. You say the intention is good but then you doubt it. You seem to be raising a war against gender disparity but then you are fuelling it.

      Remember, both genders are made to love, not to fight with one another. So, for God’s sake, don’t turn this post into a gender war.

      पसंद करें

      1. Nishant

        Gouri, it;s good that U have read the story and comments in depth. Readers like U are much needed here at hindizen to invoke arguments for developing a better understanding of human life, world, and people.

        I must agree with U as well as I find the observations made by both of U are true at their own levels. I remember there is someone in comments who said that donating both the eyes was fooling as both the girl and his lover could see well with one eye… a true logic, full of humor also.

        पसंद करें

  3. girlsguidetosurvival


    You wrote … both genders are made to love, not to fight with one another…

    I guess you forgot love begins with respect. I can’t expect more from you because this is your best, you did not even respect my screen name. Desi Girl, yes that is me. 100% desi not perdasi or what ever as you mentioned.

    My comment was in response to following comments that you might not have read:

    Woh ladka ek aankh bhi de sakta tha
    ladkiya to hoti hi matlabparast hain (this is definitely gender sensitive 🙂 ).

    Pyaar aisaa hi hotaa hai.. Sampoorn samarpan..
    Aur doosari or maanva ki “andhi” bhaawanaayen bhi dekhen.. Ladaki badal gayi..

    Yehi hai duniya!!

    Very Enterested story

    par mere friend ye sasar matlavi hai yha par sabhi suvarthi hai.
    mere sath bi bahut dokhe huye hai (I don’t think this Sagar is talking about dhokha in profession by male collegues).

    God created humans to love one another and also to use logic. Love without logic becomes abusive. I did not contradict my self, I said the intenstions of the story writer were good but his/her logic is poor.

    Also there are not just two genders. If you limit gender to just two then you marginalize already marginalized LGBTQ.

    I wish you definition of love will evelove to include respect.


    Desi Girl

    पसंद करें

  4. Gouri


    I don’t have any problem addressing you by your screen name. But madam, who said love begins with respect? What kind of condition is that? Love knows no condition.

    I may not respect you for whatever manner you put forward your statistics in. But I may still love you for your selection of the screen name, or being of opposite sex, or for any other reason whatsoever 🙂

    I address my wife as “Tu” but I may love her more than she does, though she addresses me as “aap”. Now, don’t bring the gender disparity into this 🙂

    Pappu & others might not be correct in generalizing their experiences but how different are you from Pappu? Didn’t you find a single statistics favouring male? If not, then your research is definitely biased and incomplete.

    Yeah, I agree with you in that there are not just 2 genders. For a while, I thought of including the other gender as well but on a second thought, I felt it was not at all required to make my point. But again who said lesbians and gays (L & G of LGBTQ) are different genders by themselves?

    पसंद करें

  5. Pankaj Upadhyay

    एक बहुत ही प्यारा कोरियन वीडियो था इस कहानी पर… जैसे ये कहानी अपने साथ बिठाकर रखती है न, वो वीडियो भी कही जाने नही देता था… उस वीडियो की याद आ गयी और कालेज डेज की भी…

    बहुत सुन्दर…

    पसंद करें

  6. neeti

    Is tarah ki hi kahani internet ke saujanya se pehle bhi padne ko mili thi.

    Farakh yeh tha ki ladke -ladki ke bajay wahan maa ne apne bete ko ankhein di theen. Shayad tab kahanikar ka vichaar aajkal ke bacchon ke swarthipan aur ma-baap ke niswarth prem ko darshana raha ho.

    So, I guess characters are changed to suit the convenience and frame of mind of the ‘writer of the moment’ esp. with prevalence of internet based forwards. 🙂

    Shayad har karibi rishton mein (jahan swarth rishte ki neev hai) is kahani ka nichod, kisi na kisi ko mil hi jayega.

    पसंद करें

  7. girlsguidetosurvival


    Respect is more than calling another person aap or tu. It is considering them human and allocating them dignity they deserve as a human being. You may call your wife tu this does not mean you have no respect for her. It will be disrespecting her if you expect her or force her to do something against her dignity or do something to hurt her.

    The perpetrators of intimate partner violence claim they love their partners but yet they abuse them. They abuse them because they consider their partners as an extension of “themselves” not their own person who deserve respect. Few examples could be asking your partner to choose between her family and you; forcing your partner to wear something she is not comfortable in even if it saree (one may ask politely but if the partner does not do it then the first person pouts or withdraws affection or throws an anger fit, it is emotional manipulation); cheating on your partner. Often cheaters claim they love their partners but still they cheat as they no longer respect their partners. One may not love his wife but may be respecting her for she is the mother of his children. Some parents do the same in the name of family honor or my word against his/her word meri baat kaat di, mujhe jawab de diya etc.

    All humans deserve basic respect from fellow humans, it does not mean they have to love them but for love respect is a prerequisite. If your definition of love does not have respect in it that may be working for you. Over life time our definitions evolve. If yours change then good for you if not then too good for you.

    If there were statistics available where more men had donated organs to women I would have had no need to post these stats. As there were none I had to indicate the
    is lacuna.

    …But again who said lesbians and gays (L & G of LGBTQ) are different genders by themselves?

    Unclear. What do you mean by it.

    This will be my last comment on this topic. Good luck with your endeavors.


    Desi Girl

    पसंद करें

  8. Gouri


    “This will be my last comment on this topic.”

    I allow you to have the last word as a token of my love and respect to all women on this earth or any other planet 🙂

    “…But again who said lesbians and gays (L & G of LGBTQ) are different genders by themselves?

    Unclear. What do you mean by it.”

    Gay is a person, usually male, having sexual attraction towards persons of the same sex. Thus, gay is basically a male & not a different gender. Similar is the case with lesbian which refers to a female homosexual. Thus, L (lesbian) & G (gay) of LGBTO are not a different gender by themselves.

    पसंद करें

  9. alpesh thakur

    replye of pappu
    pappu ji wo ladka us ladki se sacha payar krata tha isliye us ladke ne apni dono ankhe us ladki ko de dii kunki payar me ye hisab nahi rakha jata ki main is ladki ko ek ankh dun ya do ankh dun, aur rahi baat us ladki ke matabi hone ki to ye koyi ladke ya ladki ki baat nahi hai ye to sansar ki reet hai. ki achhe aur sache viyakti ko hamesh hi dukh meeltye hai phir chahye wo ladka ho ya phir ladki.

    पसंद करें

  10. Naeem Uddin Khan

    सुचमुच वास्तविकता का अहसास होता है इस कहानी से| ऐसा क्यों होता है की हम अपने लिए दूसरों से जैसी आशा रखते हैं वैसी ही आशा कोई और भी तो हमसे रखता होगा| फिर क्यों हम दूसरों की भावना का सम्मान नहीं करते| क्यों हम उनसे उनकी आशा के विपरीत व्यवहार करते हैं |

    पसंद करें

  11. ansika k sharma

    ऐसी भी लड़कियाँ इस दुनिया मेँ हैँ ,
    मै तो अपने जीवन मेँ ऐसा सोच भी नही सकती थी ।
    सच मेँ यह कहानी पढ़कर बहुत दुःख हुआ ।
    जिसने ऐसा किया वह लड़की नही हो सकती ।
    क्योँकि लड़की का दिल तो करुणा का सागर होता है ।

    पसंद करें

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